Braces Can Help Address Overbite Problems

An overbite, or malocclusion, can affect both children and adult patients. These occur when the upper row of teeth extend over the lower row. When this occurs, the teeth and jaws become misaligned. This condition can affect patients in horizontal or vertical form. Regardless of their nature, they create problems for patients in the form of headaches, pain, discomfort, gum disease, and speaking or chewing difficulties. Patients and their orthodontist frequently form a treatment plan to address this condition.

How Do I Fix an Overbite?

Braces are the primary treatment recommended to fix overbites. I Song Orthodontics has treated a number of patients in Berkeley, El Cerrito, and Albany who have been affected by this condition. Healthy, aligned teeth contribute to an overall, brighter and more aesthetically satisfying smile.

Patients choose braces to straighten and improve the alignment of crowded or overlapping teeth. These appliances, whether they are traditional, ceramic, or Invisalign, are popular treatment choices for orthodontic patients. The metal wire mechanism used in braces is effective in resolving misalignment or overcrowded teeth. Dr. Song and her team can help identify which type of braces or orthodontic solution can help treat overbite.

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