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Latondra Poplar
Latondra PoplarGoogle Reviews
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The most friendliest, compassionate, fun and loving ❤️ place you can ever get dental services from. It's no act, places like this really still exist and I'm very blessed to have had my children become a part of the I Song Ortho family. I Song will always get 10 stars from me and my family.
Lady Lucky Corral
Lady Lucky CorralGoogle Reviews
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I’m so happy I found Dr. Song. I have a very tough case that involves working with an oral surgeon and carefully planning several phases. Dr. Song was upfront about my situation and my tough case but she worked with my oral surgeon to figure it all out. Other physicians had turned my case away because they literally didn’t know where to start—adult braces can be tough. I was disheartened until I found this amazing office.

This office has always been great—from the friendly front desk to the kind dental staff and, of course, Dr. Song herself. I would recommend Dr. Song and her team to anyone looking for orthodontic work.
Vernard Lewis
Vernard LewisGoogle Reviews
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I am 72 years old and for decades I have been self-conscious about the look of my teeth. Dr. Immi Song recommended Invisalign braces and after eighteen months, I now proudly show off my brilliant new smile. Thank you, Dr. Song, and your wonderful staff at ISong Orthodontics. I also loved the bubbles and ceremony after the program.
Mary Ann Lafosse
Mary Ann LafosseGoogle Reviews
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I’ve been coming to Dr. Immi Song for two years and I couldn’t be happier with the treatment and the results. I had a very difficult case to fix: Prominent overbite, worn down teeth from the overbite, crowns, and even missing teeth (perfect teeth were pulled out to create space when I had ‘orthodontic treatment’ in my teen years.)

I made the right choice and I’m grateful for Dr. Song’s professional expertise, genuine care, patience, and the supportive team of assistants in her office, My teeth are getting straight, I can bite my food better, and not wear my teeth. And I’m happy to smile at 60+ years of age.

My daughter also had treatment with Dr. Song for three years and is very happy with the results and proud of her smile. 🙂
Elisabeth Watson
Elisabeth WatsonGoogle Reviews
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Want a beautiful smile? And have some fun while you get it? Run, do not walk to Immi Song. Dr. Song and her team care deeply about their patients and treat each of us as individuals. They are also total nerds - Dr. Song is up to date on the tools and techniques that enable great results. 10 years later, my smile is still perfect.

I dropped in to pick up new retainers after a new crown and Dr. Song took the time to check my smile and my retainers. She pronounced my teeth perfect and together, we made a video encouraging her patients to wear their retainers. (Wear your retainers! It matters!) The team remembered me and greeted me with, yes, a smile.

While I was there, they celebrated a new smile for a patient who was getting her braces off that day. Who knew that orthodontics could be effective and fun?
Brenda Schaefer
Brenda SchaeferGoogle Reviews
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I had the privilege of being referred to Doctor Song as a last resource of someone who could potentially help change my smile. I’m in my mid-50s, had an incredibly complex case, and feared there wouldn’t be a solution for me.

From the first consultation, Doctor Song displayed genuine concern, compassion, and exceptional expertise. I’m overjoyed with my new incredible smile.
Jessie E.
Jessie E.Yelp Reviews
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Dr. Song and her staff are THE BEST. I've never met a dental or medical group as positive, warm and friendly as they are. And Dr. Song is incredibly sharp and efficient. What more could you ask for?

The staff was extremely accommodating with my schedule and I never felt rushed to wrap up before I and Dr. Song were truly satisfied with the results. If you need orthodontics I can't recommend them enough!
Kirsten Elliott Rich
Kirsten Elliott RichGoogle Reviews
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I just completed my invisalign treatment with Dr. Song. I am 47 years old and for decades have been told my teeth are difficult and hard to move by multiple orthodontists.

Dr. Song was assured, patient and expert in her field, she went above and beyond in her care for me. It is clear that she cares deeply about her patients and the results provided by her practice. I recommend there services without reservation.
Heather F.
Heather F.Yelp Reviews
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Regardless of the scenario, Dr. Song's kindness and skills inspire absolute trust. And, her entire staff makes the experience fun. My family has been customers of I Song Orthodontics for eight years. In that time, they have cared for three of my children with varying orthodontic needs.

In each case, I remain extremely impressed with the care team, technology, "bedside manner", promptness of exams, and customer service.
Victoria Santillan
Victoria SantillanGoogle Reviews
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Excellent!!! I adore them, very kind and trustworthy people, their work is also wonderful. Happy to have met ISong and all their divine girl
Elisa G.
Elisa G.Yelp Reviews
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I found Dr. Song and I couldn't be happier with her service. She treated me in a friendly and professional manner from the beginning.
Daniel Alejandro Morales
Daniel Alejandro MoralesGoogle Reviews
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I searched for weeks for the best person to do my Invisalign with and I’m so glad I found Dr. Song. She’s kind, highly knowledgeable and skilled, and is fair and transparent about cost.
Mary Ann L.
Mary Ann L.Yelp Reviews
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I've been coming to Dr. Immi Song for two years and I couldn't be happier with the treatment and the results. I had a very difficult case to fix: Prominent overbite, worn down teeth from the overbite, crowns, and even missing teeth.

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