Concerns About Your Invisalign Results

If you have an Invisalign treatment that is heading in a direction that you may not find desirable, your first action is to get in touch with your Dr. about your concerns. Some issues that patients may see off by their Invisalign treatment may be the shape of their jaw as well as seeing their lip appearing to be of a different appearance than it used to be. Your orthodontist likely always has your best interests in mind and will be able to help you with your treatment process.

Your first step is to check with your orthodontist and review the Invisalign movement chart. This will help you determine the expected steps and points as your teeth undergo re-alignment. Pay attention to the starting point during this process, as this will be your benchmark in evaluating the progress of the rest of your treatment.

Another feature to check is the amount of retraction your upper and lower teeth exhibit during biting motions. If you are concerned about a thinner lip, this can be a natural result of lower teeth being pulled back. The shape of the jaw may also be affected by a thinner-looking lip. Regardless, these characteristics can be evaluated and you can consult with your orthodontist about whether these changes are temporary or permanent.

The most important action during this stage is to work with your doctor and consistently correspond with them if you have concerns about your treatment.

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