How Can You Reduce Your Nighttime Invisalign Pain?

While not always occurring in every Invisalign treatment, nighttime discomfort–in particular–can be a significant inconvenience, given the importance of healthy sleep patterns.


Read on as we explore navigating and remedying any potential nighttime Invisalign pain. Following this advice can help you return to your much-needed 8 hours of shuteye while straightening your smile!

Determine The Source Of Your Pain.

Problems can’t be solved without knowing their source. With Invisalign, patients can feel pain in their whole mouth or a singular area of their gums. Pain can be sharp, or it can be dull.


The appropriate remedy will depend on severity, location, and type. 


If you are affected by isolated pain in a specific area, often, this problem results from sharp Invisalign edges chafing and causing friction with your cheek or gums. Applying Invisalign wax for lubrication will usually solve this issue.

Find A Better Sleeping Position.

Your sleeping position can trigger Invisalign pain as you adjust to a new tray or start your treatment program. 


Do you wake up in more Invisalign-related pain than when you went to bed? Then, finding a new sleeping position is likely the solution. 


Experts suggest sleeping on your back using your pillow to elevate your head. Conversely, sleeping on your side or front can create extra tooth and gum pressure, exacerbating sensitivity. 

Don’t Get Discouraged.

Keep the aligner in place–even if it’s uncomfortable–because taking it out can hinder your progress and needlessly extend your treatment program. 


Generally, related discomfort should only span a couple of days. If the nighttime pain persists longer than a week, contact your orthodontist.

Let Your Orthodontist Be Your Guide.

Everybody is different. Your Invisalign experience might be entirely unique and not have pain at all.

Any pain that lasts longer than a week should be discussed with your orthodontist. They’ll assess your gums, teeth, and aligners to ensure no problems are festering under the surface.

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