Invisalign Not Delivering Desired Results After Multiple Trays?

Traditional approaches for rectifying misaligned teeth typically predominantly involved braces and brackets. Even though these methods continue to be in use today, an increasing number of individuals are veering towards clear aligners, prominently, Invisalign. These clear aligners can be tremendously effective, but it’s imperative to note that they don’t yield uniform results for everyone. If you’re someone who has gone through a string of tray fittings without the expected results, this article will shed light on potential courses of action.

What Exactly Is The Functioning Mechanism Of Invisalign?

Invisalign, a notable type of dental aligner, functions by exerting subtle pressure over the teeth. In most situations, this mild pressure is just what’s needed to reform the position of certain off-kilter teeth. The high transparency of the aligner makes it nearly invisible, thereby earning it the tag of being the ‘invisible’ aligner.


Upon beginning your Invisalign journey, you’ll receive new trays at periodic intervals. Each one of these trays is tailor-made to amplify the alignment of your teeth gradually. The tray that snugly sits on your teeth is precisely concocted to shift your teeth’s position by tiny amounts, which circumvents any severe complications like bleeding.

What If Invisalign Fails to Deliver?

Regrettably, there are instances where Invisalign doesn’t exhibit the anticipated efficacy. You may find yourself returning to the dentist repeatedly for new trays, only to be disappointed by the lack of substantial alignment progress.

This could potentially be due to a variety of reasons. The most suitable course of action can only be determined after a detailed examination of your teeth by an experienced orthodontist. This could include several diagnostic methods such as imaging which will offer your orthodontist a comprehensive view of the teeth and its alignment.

Based on the diagnoses, there could be recommendations for an alternative line of treatment for improved alignment. Often, one might suggest steering towards more traditional practices, such as braces, to circumvent any further delay that might be encountered with Invisalign.

One significant point to bear in mind is that any decision regarding treatments should strictly be taken following an in-depth consultation with your orthodontist. They are in the best position to ascertain why Invisalign is not yielding the desired results and to recommend an effective alternative that suits your specific needs.

If the recommendation veers towards braces and you find them visually unappealing, remember that this might be more economical in the long run. It could potentially save you the cost of regularly updating aligners.

If the effectiveness of your Invisalign treatment has resulted in concerns, it’s time to consult the experts. At I Song Orthodontics, our professionals possess extensive experience with Invisalign and clear aligners. Not only are we a prominent orthodontic service in Berkeley, but we also cater to patients in El Cerrito, Richmond, and Oakland. We can assist in determining if continued tray fittings are the ideal choice, or if it’s time to explore alternative pathways for perfecting your tooth alignment.