Though it might seem alarming, rest assured that your back teeth not touching post-treatment is usually not a cause for concern. Minor misalignments after using your final tray are quite common, and you can simply let nature take its course. Over time, your teeth should naturally move into the right place and reduce the gap between your back teeth.


However, if the gap persists after a few weeks, it’s recommended to reach out to your orthodontist for advice. They can professionally evaluate the situation and help figure out the next steps. Often, wearing your final clear aligner tray a bit longer helps, as your teeth might need some additional pressure to align better.


Once this step is completed, you should notice further progression in the alignment of your back teeth. Nevertheless, if you still feel uncertain, don’t hesitate to contact your orthodontist, they are there to allay your fears and pre-emptively identify any potential issues with treatment.


Experiencing concerns with your back teeth alignment after concluding your clear aligner treatment? At I Song Orthodontics, we are proficient with various types of aligners and can help review your situation. We are always ready to assist in understanding if further treatments might be necessary and ensuring that you achieve the level of dental alignment you anticipate. For top-tier care and exceptional treatment protocols, contact us at I Song Orthodontics to book your alignment assessment appointment. Toward a stunning smile, we are just a call away