Orthodontic Treatment Does Not Mean Pulling Teeth

Patients choose to have braces for a variety of reasons, including correcting gaps, improving teeth alignment, and fixing crowding issues. Each case can lead to different recommendations. In addition, patients may want braces in order to prevent other treatments such as tooth extraction.

For patients who prefer not to extract teeth, an orthodontist can work with patients to ensure the necessary treatments are implemented. Treating a crowded mouth can be successful with braces. In some cases, extracting some teeth may leave gaps that can be larger, which may require further removal of teeth. Traditional orthodontics is not solely limited to re-positioning teeth, but making the proper adjustments to the root as well.

The further teeth are moved, the higher the chance of overcorrection, which can affect the stability of your mouth over time. This is because the bone structure that supports teeth may not fully recover after they have been removed.

Tooth extraction may only be necessary in specific cases. These can include necessary extraction to improve the look of teeth following treatment. The cases can vary depending on the individual facial structure of patients and their preferred results.

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