Should I Worry About Pain When Getting Braces?

If you want to achieve a straighter smile with perfectly aligned teeth, then you may explore the option of getting braces. There are a variety of questions that patients may ask regarding braces, including how long they have to be worn, how much they cost, and whether they hurt. Our orthodontist and team are experienced in responding to these questions and want to particularly highlight the question of whether pain is a concern for patients obtaining braces.

How do they feel?

For most cases, wearing braces is manageable, regardless of whether you feel discomfort or not. Your teeth are normally stationary, but braces will eventually cause them to move towards a more natural, ideal position. Many patients are considering the value of obtaining braces. This is the result of pressure placed on your teeth from the braces. This will also cause your jawbone to be adjusted as your teeth experience re-alignment.

If there is any discomfort from braces, they will generally be felt during the first few days of treatment. Since your teeth are adjusting to having these appliances on, any discomfort can be managed over time. Options to improve your comfort during the process are to rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution, this can help treat any swelling in your gums after getting the appliances.

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