The Importance of Elastics for Invisalign and Braces

Elastics are associated with braces, but they are an accommodation for Invisalign cases as well. The hooks on Invisalign aligners are designed for attachment with elastics. They supplement the improvement of your teeth as they are positioned into the correct alignment, helping to restore an effective bite.

Elastics Help Correct Your Bite

When top teeth protrude more over your bottom teeth, this is referred to as a Class II Occlusion or an overbite. In the opposite scenario, where the bottom teeth protrude more, a Class III Occlusion, or underbite occurs. With elastics, the braces or Invisalign aligners help to position teeth into a more natural alignment for the most effective bite functions.

Elastics for Children and Teenage Patients

Elastics for bite correction and orthodontic care are highly optimized for teenage and younger patients. As these patients at their ages continue to develop, the growth patterns are more affected to help correct bites. By wearing elastics early, patients can reduce their chances of scheduling invasive surgery procedures in the future.

The results of elastics are influenced by your activity and actions during treatment. By consistently committing to wearing your elastics as required and following up on recommendations from your orthodontist, the conditions for a successful result are as optimized as possible. In addition, the treatment time is faster when you follow the correct steps.

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