Tracking Progress and Addressing Concerns Regarding Your Orthodontic Treatment

One of the most exciting aspects of your orthodontic journey is witnessing the transformation of your smile over time. Regular check-ups and adjustments play a pivotal role in tracking progress and ensuring that your treatment plan is advancing as expected.

Monitoring Your Smile Makeover

During scheduled appointments with our team in Berkeley, El Cerrito, Oakland, Richmond, or San Pablo, your orthodontist will meticulously assess the movement of your teeth, the alignment of your bite, and the overall effectiveness of the treatment. This process allows for any necessary adjustments to be made, which can help ensure that your braces are working harmoniously to achieve your desired results.

Highlight Milestones

As you progress through your treatment, it is important to highlight significant milestones. These may include the correction of specific bite issues, the alignment of certain teeth, or the completion of a particular phase in your treatment plan. Celebrating these achievements not only acknowledges your commitment but also boosts your motivation for the remainder of the treatment. 

Open Communication Makes for a Seamless Experience

We prioritize open communication with our patients. If you ever have concerns or questions about your treatment, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Whether it’s a query about the duration of the treatment, the functionality of your braces, or any unexpected discomfort, addressing concerns promptly ensures that your orthodontist can provide the necessary guidance and adjustments, if needed.

Adapting to Changes

Orthodontic treatment is a dynamic process, and your treatment plan may need adjustments based on your individual response and progress. Dr. Song and her team may make any adjustments needed whether its for braces or Invisalign. In addition, we can change the configuration of certain components, or introduce new techniques to optimize your treatment.



By actively participating in the progress-tracking process and addressing concerns as they arise, you are not only ensuring the effectiveness of your treatment but also actively contributing to the achievement of your dream smile. Remember, each visit to your orthodontist is a step closer to the radiant smile you’ve always envisioned.