Why Braces are Valuable for Adults as Well

Braces are not exclusively for children. Adult patients are also taking advantage of the benefits of orthodontic treatment and improving the alignment of their teeth at an older age. In some cases, adult patients may have had braces in previous treatments, but their teeth have moved out of alignment upon the absence of their retainers. Orthodontics can also be successful for adults who have never had braces in the past and are ready to improve their smile.

Regardless of the case, if you are looking to straighten your smile, I Song Orthodontics has a trusted team that can help with this process. As one of the most experienced orthodontists in Berkeley and El Cerrito, Dr. Song is keen on developing a treatment plan that is consistent with the needs and unique case of the patient.

There are multiple options for obtaining braces. For some adults, the look of metal braces might make them hesitant due to the appliances’ noticeable appearance. For these cases, clear ceramic braces can be a valuable alternative option. These braces can be effective for fixing severely crooked teeth or jaw alignment concerns. It may create a higher expense than traditional metal braces, but they are much more accommodating to the social routines of patients.

One of the most prominent brands of aligners is Invisalign. These clear aligners are developed by professionals to be customized and fitted to your natural teeth. The treatment process can range between three to eighteen months, but the result can be a completely re-aligned smile.

If you have been considering options for improving teeth alignment and recovering a dazzling smile, I Song Orthodontics is available to provide multiple solutions. Call us today and schedule your consultation.

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