Wisdom Teeth Removal and Its Effect on Orthodontic Care

The goal of braces and other orthodontic appliances is to address conditions associated with malocclusion. This includes crooked, crowded teeth, or teeth with uncomfortable bites. One factor that contributes to malocclusion is the development of wisdom teeth. These are generally the last teeth to develop and they are also referred to as the third molars.

Impacted wisdom teeth is the result of the mouth or jaw not being able to fully accommodate the growth of the molars. When wisdom teeth are impacted, they can also be prone to infection. This can also lead to instances of pain and swelling. Patients are encouraged by orthodontists to remove them promptly before a possible future infection occurs.

Your orthodontist will also recommend wisdom teeth removal since they can cause pain and be a risk for pericoronitis. This is an infection that can affect the gum area surrounding the impacted wisdom teeth. Each patient may have different circumstances that warrant wisdom teeth removal. Regardless of the conditions, it is important to seek immediate solutions.

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